Worlds Strangest Animals | Top 10

Most of the strange animals i’m about to show you are very rare and close to extinct. Some of them have recently been discovered which goes to show that we have far from discovered every animal on this planet, especially on the deep sea. Enjoy the top 10 strangest looking animals in the world!

10. Gerenuk

worlds strangest animals generuk

This strange looking animal is also known as the “giraffe gazelle” and is actually a long-necked antelope from Africa.


9. Dugong

Dugong worlds most strange animals

Dugong may look huge, but is actually just considered a medium-sized marine mammal. This strange looking creature can be fiund at the bottom of the sea mainly by Australia and Indonesia, but also on the eastern coast of Africa. It’s oil and meat is very popular, which makes it very attractive to hunt. Sadly, it’s close to exctintion.





worlds strangest animals

This species is sucking blood from other fish and can therefore be called parasitic.




Star-Nosed Mole

Star nosed mole strange looking animal top 10

The Star-Nosed mole is indeed a strange animal. It can be found on the eastern side of Canada aswell as USA.  It lives in wet lowland areas and eats aquatic seeds, worms and small fish.




Sunda Colugo

top 10 worlds strangest animals

Sunda Colugo moves only at night-time and is an expert at tree-jumping. It can only be found in certain regions in Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. We’re afraid that this spectacular strange looking creature will become extinct in the near future.


Zebra Duiker

Zebra Duiker worlds strangest animal

This is a small antelope that lives primarely in lowland rainforests. They’re most common in midwestern parts of Africa.



Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark worlds strangest animals

The Goblin Shark is an extremely rare deep-sea shark and goes back at least 125 million years. This strange animal may look small on the picture, but it’s usually the length of 2 humans.



Gobi Jerboa

worlds strangest animal top 10 gobi jerboa

The rodent Gobi Jerboa comes from China and Mongolia and was discovered first time in 1925. It can be found in the Gobi desert and can handle the sand better than any other rodents.

Yeti Crab

worlds strangest looking animal yeti crab

Next up, is the strange Yeti crab ( also known as Kiwa Hirsuta). It was actually not discovered until 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean, not far from Easter Island. We barely have any knowledge of this creature yet.


Glaucus Atlanticus

worlds strangest looking animal top 10

And for the strangest of them all! I present to you, the Glaucus Atlanticus. This Slug is too lazy to swim by itself and gets carried by the winds and currents.  It has been discovered in many continents such as : Africa, Europe,  and Australia. Though they have been found on several locations, they are still very rare.

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