World’s Strangest Toothbrushes | Top 10

These are the world’s strangest toothbrushes, some are useful, others are a big questionmark. Enjoy!


10. The finger toothbrush


Worlds strangest toothbrush


This small, but effective toothbrush is actually a really good idea when you’re backpacking for example. Who has the space nor need for a full extended toothbrush right+?

9. Issa Toothbrush

Bilderesultat for issa toothbrush

It’s electric, large, and does it’s job. Supposedly, it’s far more hygenic than regular toothbrushes.


8. Didn’t figure out what this one was called..

The world's top 10 strangest toothbrush

Did you ever want to put the same equipment in your mouth that you cleaned your toe-nails with? Well.. Here you go! The Toe-tooth-cleaner!


7. Gunbrush – Toothbrush

Top 10 strange toothbrushes

What a good excuse to aim a gun to your mouth for a good cause right? Strange toothbrush indeed.


6. The Doubleheaded Toothbrush

double sided toothbrush design

Why didn’t i think about this? Does it actually clean your teeth 2x faster? I must try this strange toothbrush.



5. The handle

worlds strangest toothbrush super handle top 10

This strange looking toothbrush would actually make a cool gift. Not only is the handle looking comfortable, but it’s also very classy. I’d never throw this away if i got one.


4. Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber – Toothbrushes

Lady gaga and justin bieber toothbrush strange list

Did you know Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber came out with their own strange looking toothbrushes? Who better right..?


3. The human – toothbrush

Strange list top 10 toothbrush

Take a look at this amazing art-work, these human figures will indeed get your teeth cleaned up.


2. Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush

worlds strangest looking toothbrush top 10

Weapon and Toothbrush in one. Kids refusing to brush their teeth? No proble, i present to you – the Sonic screwdriver toothbrush.

1.The double-ender

toothbrush strange list top 10

One side for mom and one side for son? No,  it’s actually used for one mouth, but different parts of the mouth. The small side is designed to clean the difficult areas in the back of your teeth.  Strange, but effective!

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  1. tori says:

    where do I buy the double headed toothbrush

  2. Lindsey Campbell says:

    I was thinking the same lol I want one lol

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