Top 10 Secrets of the World

Historians need years to find out the most relevant facts about the past and reconstruct events; but sometimes it seems like an impossible task. Today it’s still a mystery how Marilyn Monroe’s death really was, what happens in Area 51 or what is hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives. Thus these is a top 10 secrets of the world, which one will be the most surprising?

1. KFC chicken recipe

These top 10 of secrets of the world begins with the KFC chicken recipe. Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known by its acronym, is a franchise of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. Its founder Sanders created in 1940 the recipe of his famous fried chicken, which is kept secret. It is known that eleven spices and different aromas mixed with the flour are used, but the rest of the condiments are unknown.

There’s a sheet with the original recipe signed by Sanders himself in a safe deposit box at KFC headquarters in Louisville. Only two company executives have access to it and their names haven’t been disclosed for security reasons. So definitely, next to the Coca-Cola formula, this represents one of the best kept secrets of the world in marketing.

2. Who was Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who committed several crimes in 1888, mainly in Whitechapel, London, as well as in the poor neighborhoods around. His identity continues to be a mystery to the police, so he’s considered part of these top 10 of secrets of the world.

This psychopath was described by the experts as an intelligent, effective, mocking, cunning, and cold man, obsessed with murder. The attacks attributed to him involved prostitutes, whom he killed following a distinctive modus operandi consisting of: cut throat, strangling and abdominal mutilation. Removal of the internal organs of at least three of the victims led to the belief that the killer had anatomical or surgical knowledge.

3. Arsenic in Napoleon’s Hair: Was he poisoned?

Top 10 Secrets of the World: Death of Napoleon

Another of the great secrets of the world: Napoleon could die poisoned? As we all know, Napoleon was banished by the British to the island of St. Helena on July 15, 1815. There he was sick to the stomach and suffered from a pain in the right side, so the doctors diagnosed him with a possible stomach cancer. However, recent analyzes of samples of the general’s hair, cut shortly after dying and that have been preserved, reveal that they were impregnated with arsenic in a highly dangerous dose. This suggests that Napoleon could die from a poisoning, which would also agree with his symptoms. In addition, Napoleon died very fat, almost swollen.

4. Death of Marilyn Monroe

The next point in these top 10 of secrets of the world is the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe. She was found dead at her residence on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36. It was said that her death was due to barbiturate overdose, but due to lack of evidence, it wasn’t classified as suicide but as a possible suicide. But many people, including LA police officers, believed that his death was a murder, making it one of the most debated conspiracy theories of the twentieth century.

Marilyn had an affair with John F. Kennedy, but when the president thought she could be a political danger, he ended the relationship. In addition, Monroe maintained friendship with Communists residing in Mexico. This era was of the Cold War, so a woman that knew Secrets of State and that had contacts with the communists could easily represent a danger for the American government and the national security.

5. How were the pyramids built? One of the secrets of the world kept by the men of Ancient Egypt

The pyramid construction techniques rather than being one of the best kept secrets of the world, is just a mystery. This is a subject that has brought debates to historians, archaeologists and members of the scientific community. The men of Ancient Egypt built them more than 4,500 years ago, in the middle of the desert and with tools that today would be useless. One theory appears behind another, the next one disassembles the previous, so on. But this issue remains a mystery and only the ancient Egyptians could give us the true answers.

6. Where is Hitler’s body?  One of the biggest secrets of the world kept by the Soviets

Top 10 Secrets of the World: Hitler's body

This is one of the biggest secrets of the world protected by the Soviets. The official version of Hitler’s death indicates that he took cyanide and committed suicide with a gunshot to his head. Similarly, his wife Eva Braun took a cyanide capsule that killed him immediately. Both bodies were found in the bunker on April 30, 1945. Immediately, they were carried up the stairs to the garden behind the Reich Chancellery, where later they were sprayed with gasoline and set on fire. However, this didn’t completely destroy the remains.

On May 9, 1945 both bodies were found in a shell crater by a unit of the Red Army intelligence agency. The Russians didn’t divulge more information, reason why many myths were created in the population. No one knows what happened to the remains of Hitler and his wife, except that they were apparently destroyed and that fragments of his skull and jaw are preserved in the archives, according to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

7. Vatican Secret Archives: Another of the great secrets of the world protected by the Catholic Church

Top 10 Secrets of the World: Vatican Secret Archives

This could be one of the most protected secrets of the world, by the Catholic Church. The Vatican Secret Archives is the central repository of the Holy See and it’s located in the Vatican City. It’s said to be one of the most important historical research centers in the world, that the archives complete about 50 km of shelves consisting of more than 150,000 documents covering up to eight hundred years of history. However, the secrecy with which the archives are sheltered, as well as the extreme supervision with which the documents are taken care of, make many people think that the Vatican Archives conceal more than simple records and historical papers, which hide valuable information, and also countless conspiracy theories.

8. Area 51: Extraterrestrials? One of the main secrets of the world kept by the NASA

The next point in these top of 10 secrets of the world is the mystery surrounding the so-called Area 51.  The United States Air Force known as Area 51 is a US military airfield located in Nevada; which main purpose is unknown but is thought to be probably supporting the development and testing of experimental aircraft. However, many secrets surround the base. The United States government didn’t accept its existence until 2003 and all research and occurrences in Area 51 are Top Secret; this has made this area the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component to unidentified flying object folklore.

9. Coca-Cola Formula

Top 10 Secrets of the World: Coca-Cola Formula

This could be one of the best kept secrets of the world. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink, and even one of the best-selling beverages. However, the drink conceals a great mystery because no one knows for sure what it is made of.

Its exact formula has been strongly protected and although it has been more than a century since its appearance, still today the ingredients used in its elaboration remain one of the greatest secrets of the world in marketing. There is a legend that says that only the two founders know the recipe; even so, fanatics have proposed many of them, but the Coca-Cola company always denies their accuracy and evaluates them as incorrect.

10. New World Order. Could this be one of the biggest secrets of the world?

The number one position in this list of 10 secrets of the world is led by the New World Order. But more than being part of the best kept secrets of the world, it’s just a conspiracy theory. This affirms the existence of powerful elite that conspire to rule the world through a totalitarian world government; likewise, that all events that are perceived significant in the world are connected under the control of these elite, with Machiavellian purposes for the great majority of the population.

There are many theories about who are the members of this conspiracy; but they all point to the great capitalist elite, the Illuminati, the Catholic Church, politicians, governments, and even the extraterrestrials. Could this be possible? In such a case, the New World Order would definitely be one of the greatest secrets of the world ever imagined.

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