World’s Richest People Upcoming 2017 | Top 10 list

This is the list of the people that are most likely going to be the richest in the coming year of 2017. Some of them are owners of huge companies, other’s high-up in politics.  Can you guess how much these people are worth? Enjoy the list of the top 10 richest people in the world.


10. David Koch, 1940.



Kicking this list off with the brothers Koch, taking both 10th and 9th place for being the co-owner of Koch Industries.  You could say these brothers really made it looking at their incredible fortune. It’s only common sense that the older brother would have a tiny bit more wealth, taking the 9th spot.

Net worth $49.5 Billions.


9. Charles Koch, born 1935. 

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An american co-owner of the company named Koch Industries. According to their own website, they have 100.000 employers worldwide and 60.000 strong in the USA.  It’s a company that is involved in manufacturing, trading and other investments.

Net worth: around $50 Billion


8 Carlos Slim, born 1940.

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This man held the title of being the richest man from 2010-2013.  He is a huge investor in fields that includes retailing, finance and communication platforms.  Most of his money came from America Movil, which was the largest mobile-operator in South America.

Net worth: Around $53 Billion


7. Mark Zuckerberg, born 1984.

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If you thought you had to be above 60 years old to make it on this list, you must not have taken the founder of facebook into consideration. Not only is this man a multibillionare, he is also considered one of the most powerful men on earth due to the ability he has to affect one billion people that is using his platform.

Net worth: Around $57 Billion


6. Warren Buffet, born 1930.

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If Mark Zuckerberg told Warren Buffet : “i will burn all my 57 billion dollars if you do equally so”, Warren would still have more money than 100.000 average americans combined. He is an American investor and businessman. The reason for his incredible fortune that makes him one of the richest men on the planet, is partly because of the company “Berkshire Hahtaway” where he owns a large portion.


Net worth : Around $65 Billion


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5. Jeff Bezos, born 1964.

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Heard of this guy before? I didn’t think so. What about Amazon, heard of that? Of course you have. Well this man is the founder, president and CEO of . Amazon started as a garage project in 1994, but exploded from 1997, and especially 2001.


Net worth: Around $ 68 Billion



4. Vladmir Putinn, Born 1952.

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Exactly how he got his fortune is unlcear, but he is the president of Russia and to no suprise passed through a law, making the tax rate for all income to only 13 %! He claims that his fortune is due to investments in companys.

Net worth: Around $ 70Billions.


3. Amanico Ortega, born 1936.

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Next one is the extremely rich spanish business man. He is the founder of Inditex fashiongroup. That company doesn’t ring a bell, does it? Inditex is actually the head company of a lot of extremely huge clothing shops such as Zara.


Net worth: Around $75 Billions.


2. The Mars family

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If you haven’t guessed it yet, the Mars family is the family of the man that invented the famous chocolae Mars, but also Milkeyway and snickers. The man behind it all, is Frank C. Mars. He died in 1934, passing the entire fortune to his family that still runs his huge business.

Net worth: Around $80 Billions.


1.Bill Gates

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And… Here we have it, the world’s richest man of all time, with a fortune almost twice as big as the number 10 on this list. Bill Gates is the man behind Microsoft, the world’s largest computer software in the world.  This man is popular due to his incredible generosity and has donated over $28 Billions to charity and is constantly trying to convince the richest people of the world to do the same.  He is high-scale fighting AIDS, polio and tubercolosis


Net worth: Around $86 Billions.

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