Top 11 World’s Most Expensive Buildings

11. Wynn Resort

 wynn resort 2017

The Wynn Resort building is a publicly traded corporation where you’ll be able to find lucrative hotels and casinos.  What makes this building so expensive is first of all the size of it. The hotel itself covers an area of over 600 acres and holds over 2700 rooms.  Even though Wynn Resort is mostly known for the hotels and casino, it also includes pricy retailers like Chanel, Dior, Brioni and McQueen.

Where :  Las Vegas

Cost : $3.28 Billion


10. Emirates Palace

emirates palace

Another luxury hotel, but located in Abu Dhabi.  A very modern hotel, but still built with the intention of showing true Arabian culture. The hotel is located right on a beach that is 1.3 km long. The hotel is also surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens.  In the process of making this incredibly expensive building, no details were missing. The international superstar architecture firm WATG, that specialises in luxury hotels, were responsible for the design. The Emirates Palace is owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, but Kempinski takes care of the management. When built, this was the second most expensive building in the world.

Where: Abu Dhabi

Cost: $3.64 Billion


9. One World Trade Center

one world trade center2017

As the replacement of the never forgotten world trade center,  the One World Trade Center – was built. When building this tower, the government certainly didnt hold back on the expenses. The building is currently the 6th tallest building in the world with 104 floors.  It was designed by the famous architect David Childs, also the designer of Burj Khalifa.

Where: New york

Cost: $3.92 Billion


8. The Cosmopolitan

 the cosmopolitan 2017

This building has one the finest luxury hotels with casino included , in the world.  It’s located just south of Bellagio and may me less famous, but this building is still far more expensive. The Cosmopolitan consists of two towers, the Boulevard Tower and the Chelsea Tower – that both are 184 meters / 603 ft , tall. The hotel has an amazing capacity of almost 3000 rooms, a 10 000 m2  casino and fancy restaurants, spa, fitness facilities and even a theater! No wonder why it’s expensive.

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $4.24 Billion


7.  Apple Campus

apple campus

This building seems to be getting more and more expensive since the start of the creating in 2006 as it’s not even done yet. The expected time for the construction to finish is actually this year, in 2017. The building doesn’t exactly look like any of the other buildings in this list, as the Apple Campus is supposed to resemble the idea of a spaceship landing.  This massive campus is at the totel of 175 acres and is housing over 12, 000 employees. Steve Jobs didn’t want to just build any office, he wanted to build the best office in the entire world. But oh boy, did it not cost him..

Where: California

Price: $ 5 Billion


6. Marina Bay Sands

marina bay sands 2017

This incredibly expensive building had its opening in 2010 and was to no suprise awarded the title “world’s most expensive casino”.  So let’s get into why this building could end up costing so much. First of all, the resort includes a shy number of 2,561 luxury hotel rooms, a tiny convention centre of 120, 000 m, shopping centres, one museum, two theatres, super expensive Pavilions, skate park, many restaurants and the world’s biggest casino with over 1,600 slot machines… Not done yet, – PLUS a skypark that includes swimming pools and  luxury spas.

Where: Singapore

Price: $6 Billion


5. Resorts World Sentosa

restort worlds sentosa 2017

At the southen coast of Singapore, an enormous expensive building can be found. Inside the Resort, there are two casinos, a water park, a huge aquarium, universal studios and an oceanarium. The grand opening was the 12th of december and was at that time, the third most expensive building ever created.  Although it may seem like multiple buildings, it is a connected residence, which makes it qualified for the world’s most expensive buildings.

Where: Singapore

Price: $6.59 Billion


4. Olkiluto Nuclear Power Plant

olkiluoto nuclear power plant 2017

On a foreign island just south west of Finland there’s a building you’ve never heard of, a structure that is definitely something else on this list, but still three times more expensive than the most luxury casino in Las Vegas. This is one of the biggest nuclear facilities in the world, with two gigantic reactors – supplying the Finnish population with electricity.

Where: Finland

Price: $9 Billions


3. Tokamak Reactor

tokamak reactor france

35 nations have participated to buld the world’s largest and most expensive Tokamak, a reactor based on magnetic fusion that is designed to “prove the feasibility of a fusion as lage scale and carbon free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our sun and stars.” ref: . Click the link if you’re interested in learning more about it.

Where: France

Price: $14.25 Billion


2. Abraj Al Bait

luxurious money 2017 ,


Abraj Al Bait is a building complex of 7 large skyscrapers, the biggest, a clocktower in the middle.  The top height of this monster is 601 m and is the 4th tallest freestanding structure in the world. The prayer toom in this building is so large that 10 000 people can fit inside. The clocktower has the biggest clockface in the world(43×43 m), and inside this building you’ll find a 5 -star hotel.  The hotel is very popular for all the millions of pilegrims visiting Mecca yearly.  If you’re still bored, you should probably check out the lunar observatory or the Islamic Museum which is also located here.

Where: Mecca

Price $15 Billion



1.  Palace of Versailles

The palace of versailles

As Versailles was the place for politcal power of France in the 17th century –  the king of France, Louis XIV, started the creation of what was going to be the world’s most expensive building till this very day.  The area is so big that it covers 37 000 acre, which is needed for the incredibly big castle, but also the thousands of fountains, sculptures and plants. 36 000 people took part in building the palace.

Where: France

Price: $ 16 Billion


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