5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Guyana !

A former British Colony,the only state of Comonwealth of nations┬álocated on the South American mainland called “The co-operative republic of Guyana”.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus In 1498 A.D. Guyana gained its independence from the British colony not until 26th May,1966.
Area: 214,970 sq.Km
Population: avg 800000 (as of 2015 census)
Welcome to Guyana.
The land of six races:
-East Indians
Fun top facts about Guyana

Number 1 :

The only English speaking country in the Caribbean! Thats right! , in Guyana we speak fluent English !
Now we can have a conversation with some foreign strangers!
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Number two :

Kaieture Falls:
World wide waterfall rankings database has Guyana as the largest! This single drop waterfall is 741 ft comparing to the No.2 worldwide Niagara Falls of 167 ft! Fascinating right?
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Number 3:

Sadly Guyana gained its fame from what Is deemed an unfortunate event!

“Jim Jones” The religious cult leader and his 900(plus) supporters whom he encouraged to commit suicide with an act of communion back on 1978.

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Number four:

A land of different races,culture and religion.
Guyana is known for our three main ones:
All of which are fun and we are all culturally oriented. Social butterflies who engage ourselves in our brothers and sisters festivities.
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Number 5

Known for some of the most endangered species of animals etc sea cow(manatees),
Water dogs also knowns as otters, largest sea turtles and the list goes on! Even some of us haven’t seen them all as yet!
Guyana has many more great discoveries yet to be made!
Bilderesultat for sea cow
The land of many waters.
One people, one nation, one destiny!
Hope Guyana has intrigued you a bit to take a visit.

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