12 Magical Must Visit Lakes In The World

These are the most beautiful, spectacular – must visit 2017 lakes in the entire world. Some of these photos look photoshopped or as if they were taken from a movie, but trust me – they are all real. Dont believe me? Go visit them yourself.  I’m sure this list will convince you anyway!

1. Lake Pichola, Udaipur – India

must visit lakes 2017 in the world

The only lake with an actual palace in the middle of it. Yes you heard right, the Jag Mandir Island Palace is the place where the royals used to hold parties and is now in the list of the 10 best hotels in Asia. But back to the lake itself.  It’s actually an artificial fresh water lake that was created in 1362. It was made by making several dams in order to provide drinking water for the city, Udaipur.

Size: 1 km²

Max depth: 8.5 m


2. Lake Combo, Lombardy – Italy

must visit lakes 2017 , world's best lakes to visit

“A lake worth visiting a thousand times” Said the famous architecture Jean Poulvez.  And oh boy, this is a gem to one’s eye. It’s dualistic climate offers a snow-capped mountain view while being able to climb palm trees. Where else are you able to do that?


Size: 146 km²

Max depth: 425 m


3. Dove lake, Tasmania

must visit lakes 2017 , one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

Ever heard of the Tasmanian Devil? He lives there!  Because of the history of the Tasmanian devil, the local people is actually avoiding this place – making it quite empty. This is definitely a good thing if you’re still willing to go there, as you’re most likely going to be all by yourself with this incredible nature view and possibly spot some wombats!

Size: 3 km²

Max depth: 11 m


4. Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

must visit lakes 2017 , one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

New zealand is known for the endless of nature places to visits, but when do we ever hear about its lakes? It’s time to present to you the most gorgeous and glacial lake of New Zealand, the Lake Wakatipu. A very popular lake that you can actually visit with an affordable price of helicopter! Enjoy the blue water with a beautiful mountain mirrored in the water from the sky.

Size: 291 km²

Max depth: 380 m.


5. Lake Powell, Arizona

must visit lakes 2017 lake powell arizona , one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

A reservoir of the Colorado river and functions as the border between Utah and Arizona.  If you prefer being alone with a lake, this is not the right place for you as this lake is being visited by over 2 million people every year. So why do people visit this lake? It’s the second largest human-made lake in the united states with a view over the grand canyon landscape like no other lake in the world. This desert-like landscape with green water is a lake everyone should visit in their life.

Size: 658 km²

Max depth: 178m


6. Pehoe Lake, Chile

most magical lakes 2017, top 12 list, one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

After a long trip of rides on bumpy roads and a long walk, you will be rewarded, trust me. This Lake is something on it’s own and stands out from all other lakes of the world. Known to be one of the most colorful lakes in the world,  this lake is on the UNESCO, World Heritage – list.

Size: 22 km²

Max Depth: 30 m


7. Lake Superior, Michigan

most magical lakes 2017, top 12 list , one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

The largest of the “Great Lakes” and a huge part of the Canadian border. But this lake isn’t just superior in size it also has over 60 km stretch of sandstone cliffs, beaches and waterfalls! An incredible place to visit for hikers and kayekers.

Size: 82 100 km²

Max Depth: 406 m


8. Lake Tahoe, California / Nevada

lake tahoe , one of the world's best lakes in the world to visit

An alpine lake that is so crystal clear that it’s actually one of the record holders for most clear water at 20m depth. Driving around this lake is supposedly an experience for life.  You must also take the Gondola up the mountain to the ski resort for either hiking (during summer ) or skiing (during winter) . You can see an incredible distance from this mountain to far out in Nevada and California. A MUST visit lake.

Size: 496,2  km²

Max depth : 501 m


9. Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

beautiful lake this one to visit in the world

Have you ever seen a photo of the famous mountain Fuji? The photo was probaly taken by the Kawaguchi Lake as there’s no other place that offers a spectacular view as from this lake. If the lake doesn’t impress you enough to visit it, maybe the fact that the water is one of the most crystal clear-lake-waters in the whole asia. Incredibly still shores, a place where anyone can collect their thoughts.

Size: 6 km²

Max depth: 15,2 m


10. Crater Lake, South-Central Oregon

result for crater lake, incredibly beautiful to visit in the world

This lake is the main attraction of the Crater Lake National Park and is possibly one of the bluest lakes in the world. We expect that the lake was formed 7,700 years ago due to the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. The lake is not supported by anything but rain as it’s not connected to any rivers. But there’s no doubt that this lake will go empty any time soon as it’s the deepst lake in the United States.

Size: 53,2 km²

Max depth: 594 m


11. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

spectacular lake plitvice lakes croatia to visit in the world

Visit this lake as soon as possible. It’s uniqueness in the emerald coloured water is quite something else, but is unfortunately in danger due to rising temperature. The algues that create this incredible color is rapidly dying and you should therefore visit this lake as soon as you can. Also featured in the list of the most unknown travel destinations.

Size: 296 km²

Max depth: 45 m


12. Maligne lake, Alberta – Canada

maligne lake to visit

What really makes this lake worth visiting is the stunning landscape. Imagine yourself being alone next to a crystal clear lake, surrounded by foreground pines, spectacular background mountains, and a clear blue sky – all being reflected in the water.

Size 19 km²

Max depth: 97 m


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