The 10 Best Tourist Destinations In Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country located in East Africa and it is one of the major tourist destinations in the whole of Africa. From the capital city of Nairobi to the borders, it is filled with many beautiful sites which attracts the locals and many tourists.

1. Nairobi Animal orphanage

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The Nairobi animal orphanage is located in Nairobi National was started in was started to provide refuge to abandoned and orphan has BIG cats like cheetahs, leopards, lions and monkeys and baboons also hosts various birds like parrots, ostriches and guinea fowls. It’s located along langata road.

2. Fort Jesus Museum

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Fort Jesus is located on Mombasa Island in Kenya. It was built by the Portuguese in the late 1500’s with the designs of Giovanni Cairati in order to protect Mombasa. It covers about 2.36 hectares. Fort Jesus is a very interesting historical site well worth a visit.

3. Lake Bogoria

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This lake provides a home to one of the world’s largest population of flamingos. The lake has been protected since 1973 by the Kenyan government. Lake Bogoria is quite shallow with only about 10m deep. Hot springs and geysers can also be located in this area.

4. Hells Gate National Park

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Hell’s Gate National Park is located in Rift Valley, Kenya. It consists of some cliffs, geothermal steam and towering rocks. It was established in 1984. Tourists and visitors that visit this National Park can enjoy various activities such as rock climbing and mountain biking.

5. Fourteen Falls

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Fourteen Falls is located about 65km North East of Nairobi off Thika-Garissa road. Fourteen falls gets the name from the 14 massive waterfalls on the wide section of the Athi River.It’s a spectacular 27m deep and a perfect day trip. Activities you can enjoy here are boating, fishing and bird watching.

6. Giraffe Centre

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The Giraffe centre is located in Langata, Nairobi. It was opened for protection of the giraffes which were under threat. Warthogs can also be found in this park. You can hand feed the giraffes from a raised platform or even kiss one. A very nice tourist destination.

7. Thomson’s Falls

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This massive waterfall plunges 74m on the Ewaso River. It’s about 2 miles away from Nyahururu town. The waterfall is named after Joseph Thompson, he was the first man to reach the waterfall in the year 1883. The money paid at the entrance is an economical advantage to the town of Nyahururu.

8. Maasai Maara

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The Masai Mara National Reserve is a very popular tourist destination in Kenya. It was named in honor of the Masai community. It’s located in the Rift Valley. It is well known for the massive wildebeest migration which starts from July to November. The ‘big five’ can be located by many visitors, namely; rhino, lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

9. Mount Kenya

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Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya. The highest peaks on the mountain are namely Point Lenana, Nelion and Batian. Mount Kenya was named after the country Kenya. The Mountain is surrounded with glaciers, springs, lakes, tarns.etc

10. Snake Park

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This park is located right next to the National museum of Kenya. Various types of snakes can be found in the park including puff adders, cobras, mambas, and African pythons. The park is also home to various reptiles like crocodiles, lizards and tortoise. One of the best tourist destinations in Kenya. 

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