8 Deadliest Diseases in History

These are the deadly diseases mostly deademerged thousands of years ago and were mostly fatal if not treated early. Most of them have vaccines now and also some are completely eradicated forever. Here are some of the deadliest diseases to ever emerge.

1. Smallpox

This virus emerged thousands of years ago and caused deaths and illness to human beings. The virus was completely eradicated by 1980 and World Health Assembly announced it. This virus claimed many lives over the years before it was eradicated and the death toll had reached 500 million people.

2. Tuberculosis

This is a very infectious disease that only attacks the lungs. It’s usually spread through airborne saliva. It’s the second biggest killer in the world. The symptoms can be characterized by fever, night sweats, rapid weight loss and chronic cough.

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3. Perinatal complications

Every year, about half a million women die worldwide due to pregnancy complications and also during labor. This includes unsafe abortions, infections, severe bleeding and eclampsia. Most deaths due to these complications occur in Asia and Africa.

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4. Ebola

This is a severe disease and often fatal and only affects human beings. This virus originates from wild animals then spreads from human to human transmission. It was first found in Ebola River in Congo and that’s where it gets the name from. Symptoms include fevers, severe bleeding and weakness in muscles.

5. Tetanus

This is a serious condition that occurs when bacteria get into a wound. This condition is fatal if not treated quickly after contamination. Some of the symptoms include muscle stiffness, spasms, fever, and rapid heartbeat.

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6. Meningitis

This condition is described as swelling of the membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord. Meningitis is mostly caused by either viruses or bacteria. This condition can affect anyone but it mostly affects babies and young children.

7. Leprosy

This is a chronic disease caused by bacillus bacteria. This disease mainly targets the skin and also the eyes. It’s curable with multi drug therapy. Untreated leprosy can cause permanent damage to the skin, nerves and limbs.

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8. HIV

This is a virus that attacks someone’s immune system and weakens the capability of the body fight diseases and infections. Since its discovery in the 1980’s, this virus has caused over 30 million deaths.

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