Most dangerous cities in the world for tourists


What makes a city dangerous?

Some cities, you risk being pickpocketed, other cities, robbed. But in this top 10, you will find dangerous cities with a high murder percentage, kidnappings and rape. If you are thinking of going to one of these cities below, be careful. As a tourist in the cities that i’m about to show you, you are a walking gold mine and a kidnapping of, could be more worth than 10 years of a normal paying job for the local citizen.

10. Cape town, South Africa


The country of the the peaceful Nelson Mandela, how could a city from this country be on the list? Cape town is known to be a dangerous city for tourists. Although the city center may look modern and rich, most people in Cape town are poor, and they are well aware of how wealthy the tourists are. If you ever decide to go to Cape town, find out which areas you should avoid, preferably don’t go alone, especially if you are a female.

9. Guatamala City, Guatamala


A city in the poplar travelling destination, Carribean. If you are going to the Carribean, avoid Guatamala. This city is filled with drug gangs, corruption, and a very poorly police institution to protect you as a tourist. An entire family was reported kidnapped not long ago from this dangerous city. Be aware.

8. San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Stay away from this city, its dangerous. The rate of drug use here, is enormous, causing violent gangs, corruption and high murder rate. It was previous ranked as the most vioelent city on our planet.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Speaking of dangerous cities, Rio de janeiro has one of the highest rape percentage in the world. In june 2016 A story was reported of a girl being kidnapped and raped by 33 men.

It may have hosted the olympics, but that does not mean that the city is safe. If you are going there, avoid the Favela, even the local population avoids this place.

6. Caracas, Venezuela


In 2015 this city had the highest death rate in the world.  The murder rate is so high because of the heavy drug trafficking, gang members, lack of police, corruption and poorness. A tourist should be very cautious visiting this city.


5. San Salvador, El Salvador


The city of gangs. Yes, im talking THE city of gangs. San Salvador is ruled by gangs, literally. There are speculations on wether the police or the gangs have more power. Gangs such as MS-13 and M-18 has more than 25 000 members and another 9 000 in prison, according to wikipedia.

If this was in the early 2012, this city would have made it on the top 1 spot on most dangerous cities. In 2012, there were on average 16 killings per day. Due to a truce with police, this dropped later to under 5 per day. Yes, the city is still very dangerous and should be avoided by tourists.

4. Acapulco, Mexico


If rape and kidnapping doesn’t scare you, what about some murder statistics? If you live in Acapulco, your chance of dying due to murder, is 1 to 700. As a tourist, the chance of something happening to you is even bigger. People that still decide to go there, are advised to stay at their hotel throughout the whole trip.

3. Kabul Afghanistan


If there’s a city where western tourists are simply not welcome, it’s this city. The population hates tourists for two main reasons. 1. Religion, 2. Bombing. The population is simply tired of the introuding american soldiers, they don’t think of them as protective, instead they are blaming them for the war. When they see you, they see an american soldier.

Just stay away from this city.

2. Mogadishu, Somalia

People escape from the direction of a huge fire-ball after an accidental explosion at a petrol storage facility within the former U.S. residential housing in Mogadishu

Some places are are flagged as «DO NOT GO HERE» by sites just as tripadvisor. This is one of those places. The city is dangerous for many reasons. When you go here as a tourist, expect no protection from anyone but yourself. The gouvernment has had little to no function since 1991 and the police is corrupt to the bone. Stay away

1. Aleppo, Syria.


Heard about ISIS? This is a terrorist organisation that will not think twice before they kill someone that is not 100% believer of Sunni Islam. This dangerous city would eradicate the entire western world if they could, infact – everyone that’s not a believer of Islam. It’s not easy to travel to this city, no planes go to Syria directly anymore, but if you still somehow make it to this city, find yourself a hidingspot and stay there.

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