World’s Most Dangerous Rides

In this top 10 dangerous rides, I will be showing you 10 scary attractions that should never have been opened. Some of them have been closed because of fatalities, others are still up and running. Make sure you read this list through before you go to your next amusement park of scary rides.



10. Batman, The ride, Six Flags – Georgia

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Batman the ride is a popular attraction in the ammusement park, it is however known to be one of the most dangerous. It’s not the people IN the ride that has been injured, no, it’s the people walking underneath it. The ride goes so low in so high speed that anyone walking underneath it is making a deadly decision. There have been two incidents in 2002 and 2008 where first a staff member got kicked in the head and died. The second time, a teenage boy snuck into the park, only to get killed by the batman ride.


9. Space Journey, Shenzen, China



This ride is supposed to give you the feeling of riding a rocket ship into space. Unfortunately in 2010, thing became the “real deal” as 6 people were killed and 10 injured due to a mysterious explosion inside this space ship. Nobody knows exactly how it happened.


8. The big one, blackpool, England


The big one came out in 1994 and was known to be the “coolest” amusement park ride in the world. It offered a maximum speed of 120 km/hour ( 74mph). Perhaps the speed was a bit too much for the old roller coaster considering a total of 46 people have been injured on this dangerour ride.


7. Battersea , Big Dripper, London


This was known to be a star attraction back in the day, but was closed in 1972 because of a huge accident. One of the carts got detached from the rope and crashed into another one behind causing the death of 5 children and another 13 injured.


6. Surf Hill


One of the attractions that just smells ” upcoming accidents”. With high speed, crowdness and both small children and grown men riding this slide in high speed, surely must cause collision. And so it has! This attraction must have a record in injuries due to people sliding over the low dividers between the lanes and also crashing against eachother at the end of it.


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5. Derby Racer Roller Coaster


This roller coaster known as the “ride of the death”, was built in 1911 with extremely little safety requirements. “Only” 3 people died due to this attraction, but lots of people were injured from 1911 until it was demolished in 1936. This ride should never have been opened.


4. The monorail, Disneyland


This ride has a bad reputation on not just one location, but multiple. It’s known to be a dangerous ride because of several deaths and injuries over a long period of time.


3. Mindblender, Canadian mall


“The world’s safest roller coaster” as it was called, replaced it’s reputation in 1986 when four bolts came loose causing one of the carts to go off track and crash into a pillar. The incident led to three deaths.


2. Superman, Ride of Steel.


Think twice before you take this dangerous ride on in the amusement park Six Flags, New England. In 2001, 22 people were injured, in 2004 a man got thrown off the cart on the ground, he died instantly.


1. The Alpine Slide


Just look at that picture, does it look safe to you? This attraction was pretty much like giving you a sled,a good luck and off you go! You had your own brake, if it didn’t work, or if you didn’t use it, you would get off-track – no question. This ride led to numerous injuries including one death where someone went off track and cracked his head to a rock.

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