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Since the pilot aired September 13 on 2005, the Winchester brothers have gone on to become unforgettable and iconic TV characters. Their “saving people, hunting things, the family business!” theme has withstood the test of time producing episode after episode of adventure, horror and humor. This show, where the main characters seek out and kill terrifying monsters, has been around for 12 seasons now. Here are my top 10 supernatural episodes.

10. The Monster at The End of The Book

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Supernatural writers have given us many Meta episodes. This was the first episode to introduce this Meta angle. The boys discover that their entire lives have their basis in a book titled Supernatural. They set out to find and confront the author who they later discover is a prophet who had no idea that his works of fiction were true. The episode also adds to the main plot of the series featuring an encounter between Sam and the demon Lilith.

9. My Heart Will Go On

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What would happen if a significant of history as we know it changed? This is the element explored in this supernatural episode. After one of Castiel’s angel friends (Balthazar) unsinks the Titanic, a domino chain of events is set off that leads Fate (yes she is a person) to go on a mission to set the world back on track. This, however, involves killing of all people descended from the survivors of the Titanic. This episode makes us ponder on the butterfly effect and dangers of messing with fate.

8. Bad Day at Black Rock

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This episode is a fan favourite and has led to the creation of the “I lost my shoe “memes. After Sam and Dean recover a rabbit’s foot, Dean’s luck begins to change. It turns out that the rabbit foot is a lucky charm for whomever posses it. This proves to be quite the day until the boys realize that the minute they lose the lucky foot, their luck turns on them and the result is fatal. Sam and Dean try to escape this tragic curse.

7. Changing Channels

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Supernatural goes all out with its humor on this episode. The trickster sends the Winchesters into an alternate universe where they have to live out their lives in different television shows as if it were real. This gives the audience a chance to enjoy parodies to some popular TV shows such as; medical dramas, detective shows and sitcoms. The episode still has time to explore the main premise of season 5 with the trickster forcing them to accept their roles as Michael and Lucifer’s vessels.

6. Baby

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Anyone who knows anything about Supernatural knows ‘baby’ pretty well. This 1967 Chevrolet Impala ‘baby’ is Dean’s pride and Joy. Handed down to him by his father, Dean has a very special relationship with the car. It was therefore interesting to see an entire episode shot from Baby’s perspective. This episode treats us to many unique moments that would otherwise never get to see such as the Winchester’s morning routine and the grueling process of researching the monsters they hunt.

5. Fan Fiction

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For the 200th episode, the supernatural writers chose to give and ode to their extremely dedicated fan base in the episode Fan Fiction. The episode tells of a group of high school girls who have written a reimagined version of the supernatural books and turned the script into a musical. Sam and Dean are once again shocked to find their lives the subject of fiction for other people. The episode takes its cue from supernatural theories that fans of the TV series have expressed on online forums such as Destiel.

4. The End

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In the fifth season, Sam and Dean wrestle with trying to stop the apocalypse. This struggle becomes even harder as their brotherly bond but opposing personalities make them the perfect vessels for the archangels Lucifer and Michael. In this episode, we see the showdown between Lucifer possessed Sam and Dean. The episode is special because we get to see actors Jared and Jensen explore much darker sides of their characters

3. Lazarus Rising

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After Dean is raised from perdition, we finally meet the Angel Castiel. Castiel makes a dramatic entrance introducing the angel storyline for the first time. This episode was also heart wrenching as we get to watch Sam and Dean reunite after they all believed their journey together was over.

2. In the Beginning

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I am a sucker for time travel stories, and this episode is no different. In this Supernatural episode, Dean travels back to 1973 after Castiel sends him on a mission to stop something terrible that was going to happen in the past. Dean soon realizes that the people he is meant to save are his parents, John and Mary Winchester.

1. French Mistake

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Top on my list is this amazing episode. The most Meta of all the Meta storylines, this episode sees the brothers transported into a parallel world. In this parallel universe, Supernatural is a television series. This episode sees Sam and Dean switch into their real lives as Jensen and Jared. This gives the writers a chance to poke holes into the Supernatural plot and laugh casually at their critics comments over the years. We sure were laughing along.

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