Top 10 Men You Didn’t Know Existed

As per the early English saying “There’s nowt as peculiar as people”. From the pitiful to the odd to the out and out unusual, here are ten essentially inconceivable cases.


10. Rick Genest 

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Conceived in Quebec in 1985, Rick Genest is a Canadian on-screen character, craftsman and (staggeringly) a model. Mind boggling in light of the fact that practically the entire of Genest’s body is shrouded in grim skeletal cadaver tattoos. Genest’s living skeleton appearance earned him the moniker “Zombie Boy” and keeping in mind that his appearance may not speak to the vast majority it positively got the creative ability of artist Lady GaGa who highlighted the Canadian in her 2011 video for “Conceived This Way”.

9. Mannan Mondal

Manna Mondal

Known as the “softened man of Delhi”, Mannan Mondal has denied reconstructive surgery to his vigorously deformed face so he can keep on begging as a profession. New Delhi conceived Mondal experiences neurofibromatosis, a hereditary illness where tumors frame along the nerves. Albeit alarming to take a gander at, the condition is neither difficult nor carcinogenic and Mondal is very cheerful to stay as he is and bring home the bacon from his life as a bum.

8. SanjuBhagat 

Sanju Bhagat

From his most punctual years Sanju Bhagat had been hesitant about his larger than usual stomach. In 1999 when the 36 year old Indian agriculturist fell sick with breathing challenges it was believed that a monster tumor may be the issue. Nothing could set up the specialists for the stun that anticipated them as they cut into Bhagat’s expanded stomach. Gallons of fluid poured from Bhagat’s body and inside his stomach the specialists found a half-shaped human body finish with hands, legs, feet and genetalia. The to a great degree uncommon confusion is known as Fetus in Fetu whereby a twin creates inside its kin instead of in the womb as a different substance.


7. Garry Turner 

Gary Turner

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is an uncommon restorative protestation which influences the connective tissues in the body. This influences the skin, joints, tendons and some inside organs. In 1999, Englishman Garry Turner entered the Guinness Book of Records for the stretchiness of his skin. Turner can extend the skin on his stomach out to right around 6½ creeps without agony and draw the skin on his neck up and over his mouth. In outrageous cases the infection can be lethal and there is, so far, no known cure.

6. Romario dos Santos Alves 


With an end goal to copy his adolescence TV saint the Incredible Hulk, Brazilian weight lifter Romario dos Santos Alves infused himself with an engineered medicate called synthol. The medication, a blend of oil and liquor, attempted to the degree that Alves bragged 25 inch biceps and swelling neck muscles. Be that as it may, there was a major drawback! The muscles in Alves’ arms set and removal was at one point considered. Alves himself got to be distinctly self-destructive and nearby kids alluded to him as a “beast” in view of his deformed appearance.

5. John Doyle

John Doyle

An Internet advertiser from Liverpool in England turned into a hit on YouTube for his eye-popping abilities. Actually! John Doyle can make his eyeballs fly out of their attachments and feels certain he can beat the present world record of 12millimetres. Compelling one’s eyeballs to swell from their attachments might possibly be an ability yet it is surely attractive.

4. Jono Lancaster 

jono lancaster

It is assessed that one in each ten thousand children conceived in the United Kingdom endures with Treacher Collins disorder. Jono Lancaster is one of those children. Conceived without any cheekbones, Jono’s eyes hang descending and he additionally has hearing issues. His folks couldn’t manage the way Jono gazed and gave him upward for reception instantly after he was conceived. Today, after various operations and fights with liquor and misery, Jono acknowledges that he will never look “ordinary” yet has come to acknowledge his life for what it is and is a cheerful individual.

3. Danny Ramos Gomez 

danny ramos gomez

Charged as the “wolf kids”, Danny Ramos Gomez and his sibling Larry grew up as carnival attractions because of their countenances being completely secured by thick hair. The Mexican siblings have an uncommon condition called hypertrichosis which causes unnatural hair development, especially on the head and trunk. Gomez says he is very content with the way he looks and wants to shave his face, rather settling for the periodic trim at the nearby hair parlor’s.

2. Henry Damon 

Henry Damon

To state that Henry Damon is fixated on the comic book character Red Skull from the Avengers arrangement is to understate the obvious. Venezuelan Damon has had his nose expelled, his eyes and face vigorously inked and surgical adjustments to his whole facial structure with a specific end goal to duplicate his comic book legend. Maybe much more bizarre than Damon’s surgical change into Red Skull is the way that the strategies were done by a medicinal school dropout. Well… .

1. Chandra Wisnu 

Chandra Wisnu


Indonesian Chandra Wisnu came to be known as the “Air pocket Skin Man” as a result of emissions of little rankles everywhere on his body. Wisnu’s rankles initially showed up when he was 19. After five years the air pockets had spread over his back and by the age of 32 secured his whole body. For more than 30 years neither standard specialists nor elective healers could help Wisnu with his condition or even analyze the cause. At long last, Wisnu was analyzed as having exceptionally extraordinary Neurofibromatosis which causes the arrangement of non-harmful developments because of quality breakdown. While there is no cure for the condition and Wisnu’s face and body stay shrouded in unattractive rankles at any rate he can now get some help from the agonizing tingling that goes with the illness.


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