World’s Strangest Diseases, Strange Conditions | Top 10

Warning: The strange diseases i’m about to show you may be found disturbing to some people. They are real diseases that people are actually suffering from. Most of them are most common in poor countries, but may happen in extremely rare cases in rich countries aswell.

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10. Noma

World's strangest disease

It’s a very rappidly progessive disease that often infect the mouth or genitals. It usually attacks the skin (and even bone tissues) from the inner side of the mouth and progresses until there’s none left.  It can be treated with antibiotics and general hygenic measures, but the physical effect will remain permament. It has a mortality rate of 90 %


9. Eumycetoma

strange diseases top 10

A Fungal disease that usually affects the limbs, but can also affect the chest, head and the abdorminal. The infection is mostly common in Africa, South america and India.



8. Persistent sexual arousal syndrome

sexually arousal syndrom worlds strangest diseases

This strange disease causes uncontrollable, spontaneous genital arousal, both with and without orgasms. This is not related to sexual desire. This may not be related to hypersexuality, which is an endless need for sex. We do not know the cause for this disease, but doctors are speculating if the reason is irregularity in the sensory nerves. This is an extremely distracting syndrome that is preventing people from doing the most simple tasks, especially tasks that require concentration. It’s a condition that should be taken seriously as many people have been going through depression and also suicide having this strange disease.

7. Flarial worm

top 10 worlds strangest diseases , conditions filarial worm

The flarial worm causes the disease known as Filariasis. The worm can go ANYWHERE in your body. Symptoms that this worm can give, may be huge bumps on your legs, feet, arms, etc. These huge bumps are actually packs of worms living underneath the skin, causing it to expand. It’s also possible to die from this strange disease if untreated.



6. Pica

world's strangest diseases and conditions top 10

A Disorder that cause people to gain an appetite for things that you would not consider food.  That includes metal, paint, trash, earth, poop – anything you can think of.  This is of course dangerous in cases where the person with this strange disease will eat something toxic, which isn’t exactly rare for someone with this disorder.



5. Cogential Insensitivity to Pain

world's strangest diseases

This is a very rare disease where the person is simply not able to feel pain. This is of course a very dangerous condition especially for children that is not able to learn things based on pain. This includes things like falling, walking into objects or have objects falling down on yourself. One reason that can cause this strange disease is a large increasement in the production of endorphins in the brain.



4. Alice in wonderland syndrome

alice in wonderland syndrome top 10 strangest diseases

This disease is a syndrome that affects people’s idea of how large and how far away and object really is. An entire house may be seen as a small toyhouse, a toyhouse could be seen as a huge house. The disease is incredibly dangerous in enviourments with traffic for example, where a person is simply not able to tell how far away the cars really are.


3. Human Werewolf syndrome

human werewolf syndrome world's strangest diseases

Human werewolf syndrome, also known as Hypertrichosis, is an extreme case of abnormal hair growth. You may either be born with this disease, or it could actually develop later during your life. In the 19th and early 20th century, people with this syndrome often worked as “freaks”  in circus sideshows.


2. FOP

world's strangest diseases top 10

This very strange disease is extremely rare, and thank god for that, because it has almost a 100% mortality rate aswell.  Usually the body repairs tissue every single day, where it replace skin cells with new ones etc. In this case, when the body repairs tissues, it doesn’t replace it with normal tissue, instead it replaces it with bones. People with this dissorder will simply get their body ful of unecessary bones that they can not use because it’s not connected to any muscles. They end up being uncapeable of moving and will end up dead.


1.Elephant syndrome

elephant syndrome top 10 world's strangest diseases, conditions

This takes the number one spot for the worlds strangest disease. This condition is causing overgrowth in skin and often irregular bone development. An estimate of 120 people are currently living with this syndrome. It’s possibly to live with it, but the life expectancy is significantly lower.

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