Worlds Most Dangerous Animals | Top 10

These are the animals that are responsible for the most deaths in the world. If you don’t know what you’re doing, do not approach these dangerous creatures. You have been warned.

10. Asian Giant Hornet


The hornet is the largest of the wasps. But you won’t treat them like a regular wasp. These things can be up to 5.5 centimeters long (longer than your thumb) and sting like no other wasp. These predators inject the venom acetylcholine into their target. If enough of this venom is injected, even a human may die. Every year, houndreds of people die in asia due to a hornet-attack.

9. Dart frog


The colour isn’t there to impress you, it’s there to WARN you. If a creature is shining in red, it often means they are venom. These dangerous guys are filled with bathrachotoxin, a deadly venom that can kill an elephant. It’s called the dart frog because native indians hunt by rubbing a dart against their venom skin. That is infact going to give the dart enough poison to kill a man.

8. Hippopotamus


Cute you think? This dangerous animal is not something you want to make fun off. They will simply use their many houndred KG body to stomp you. Theyre much faster than humans aswell.

dangerous animalsAn estimate of over 500 people die fromthis animal every year.

7. Elephant


Ever heard of an elephant raid? No? Well you’re probably not from India or Sri Lanka then. Elephants can sometimes become extremely agressive and can raid smaller villages. It’s impossible to stop these huge creatures once they get fired up. They will either run over you, use their horns to crush you or even their huge nose that weights more than your leg.

deadly animalDeath counts per year: Over 1000


6. Carpet viper / Echis


Smaller than many other snakes, but extremely venom. This dangerous snake can be found in dry regions in Africa and Asia. It uses a venom called hemotoxins and cytotoxins. This toxin destroys red blood cells and cause organ-decomposing. A bite from this snake is apparently extremely painful and if not treated, it’s definitely fatal.

skullDeath count each year : over 2000

5. Saltwater crocodiles


The saltwater version of crocodiles makes the most dangerous version of them because of their size and speed. They don’t fear anything, nope, not humans either. Humans is just another meal for these predators.

Deadly animals Death count per year : over 3000

4. Deathstalker scorpions


When you heard about how scorpions are dangerous, it’s the deatstalker you’re hearing about. They set the standard when they were on average responsible for over 5.000 human deaths each year.

3. Black Mamba


5 meters long, fast as a hawk and more venom than the king cobra. This dangerous animal can be found in rural places of east africa. If it crawls after you, it can reach a top speed of 20 km/hour, so let’s hope you’re good at running. The bite of a black mamba is so deadly that if you don’t get a hold of the antidote within 20-30 minutes, it can be fatal. One bite has enough venom to kill over 10 adults.

2. Tsetse fly


The worlds most dangerous fly and close to the deadliest animal on earth. This fly can be found in the middle of africa and looks just like a regular house fly, but don’t mistake it for one, these will suck your blood, and if you’re unlucky, they will inject a paracite called Trypanosomes into your blood system. Untreated, these paracites may soon have their host killed.

1.Malaria Carrying Mosquito


This malaria carrying dangerous little animal is carrying the deadly malaria, a disease transmittioned from the paracites that the mosquito may be carrying. This mosquito can be found in Africa, Asia and South America. Attempts has been taken to eliminate the mosquitos for good, but with no sucess yet.

skull Deaths per year : 2-3 million.

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    […] toxin is actually produced by the known dart frog ( read top 10 most dangerous animals here). According to wikipedia, only 2µg/kg is enough to kill a rat. That is a 10th of 1 000 000g. (yes […]

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