The World War Two is the biggest armed conflict in modern history. This conflict involved 102 countries divided by the Allies and the Axis countries. The Allie’s power were represented by the United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union (Russia) and The Axis power were represented by Germany, Italy and Japan. This war began with the aggression of the German army against their neighbors in 1939 in the named Blitzkrieg or Thunder War. The war was officially over in 1945 with the sign of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender in the USS Missouri by the Emperor Hiro Hito. This war gave the shape to the world as we know now days.

This top ten is dedicated to all people who participate and die in this war serving or being involved by the conflict. For all people who has a relative that lived the horror of this war and survive to count it. Especially for the memory of Ernest Alvarez Blanco, Technician Fourth Grade of the 852nd Engineering Aviation Battalion of the US Army.


The Coca-Cola product Fanta was created in the WWII as result of the difficulties for Coca-Cola to import the syrup to fabricate the black cola. Instead, Coca-Cola decided to create a different drink named Fanta. This word coming from the German word “Fantazie” which means Fantasy or Illusion.



During the WWII the Queen Elizabeth II serve as mechanic and driver for the British army. This represented the important role that women occupied in the conflict. Also, the women did work in the main factory for cars, planes, tanks, bullets, rifles. Most women worked as nurses and had an extremely important role saving houndreds of thousands of lives. 


8. Hitler and Eiffel Tower

When Hitler arrives to Paris in 1940, the workers of the Eiffel Tower cut all the cables of the elevator. That implicated if Hitler wanted to get to the top of the tower he would have to climb all the 1710 steps. Hitler never got to the top, so the French people say “Hitler conquered France, but never conquered the Eiffel Tower”.



The Soviet Union and Japan never signed a peace treaty so technically Japan and Russia are still in wars since then.



The famous designer Hugo Ferdinand Boss, was the official designer of the German Army uniform. Hitler himself ask for Boss to design the uniform of the army especially the infamous SS division. Boss was not the only famous person who backed up the Nazis, Henry Ford supported the Nazi action against the Jews. Actually, Henry Ford was the only non-German person who received a medal from the Führer.


In the United States all the factories were taken by the government for the production of all the supplies that the army required. As a result of this, the regular products disappeared from the supermarkets, in respond the government gave tickets to the family like coupons to buy food. The tickets could be swapped in the supermarket for meat, sugar, cheese, bread, potatoes, etc.



The Red Army (The Soviet Union Army) was known for raping any German women that crossed their path. Tens of thousands of women were raped by this army. Many of the women couldn’t get back to the normal life because of the traumas, infact a lot of them commited suicide to end the suffering.




When the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 they took the United States Navy for surprise and killed many of the military personal and sunk 4 battleships. This action pushed the United States to the war, but, before that Canada har already declared the war to Japan, because of the same attack.



During this war, many pieces of art were stolen by the German Army to be reintroduced in the big Berlin’s Museum. This museum would be constructed after the war over. Because of this, the United States Army enlisted a group of expert to search and find the art with the objective of giving them back to where they belong after the conflict. This group of experts not only found the art, but also found gold in ingots and teeth.


The exact number of casualties during the WWII is not exact. Some numbers approach that there’s a total number of 50 million casualties in the entire conflict. More than 80% of this number were for four countries: Russia (over 21 million), China, Germany and Poland. However, there are many big events that was not taken into consideration of the counting such as the Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Auschwitz concentration camp, among others.

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