Top 10 World’s Most Stunning Trees

Besides being imposing, colorful and impossible to imagine, they have given us food, oxygen, protection and even inspired our incredible favorite stories. Some are not exactly trees, others are common in our everyday life, but the important thing is that they are amazing, exotic and some of them – almost unknown. Hence this is a top 10 Most Stunning Trees in the World!

 10. Rhorodendron Tree, Canada

This 125-year-old Rhododendron is located in Vancouver, Canada. Its name means “Tree or shrub of roses” and although it’s not technically a tree but a shrub, its longevity and beauty don’t let it go unnoticed. As a result, it’s enlisted in the most beautiful trees in the world.

9. Wisteria, Japon

This famous and wolderful Wisteria is located in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan. It’s about 144 years old and cover almost 2000 square meters, thus this huge wisteria is the largest of its kind in Japan.

As well as the Rondohedron Tree of Canada, this Wisteria is not technically a tree, but its immensity and beauty make it look like one.

8. Japanese Maple in Portland, USA

The Japanese Maple is a species of plant native to Japan and South Korea. The most beautiful of its kind is planted in the Japanese Gardens of Portland in Oregon, USA. This stunning Japanese Maple offers a dream landscape that beautifies with grace this famous garden during the four seasons of the year.

7. Dragon Blood Tree, Yemen

This native tree of Yemen has a strange shape, with a thick trunk and a height approximately 10 meters. But what makes it famous is its terrifying nickname, which is due to the red resin it produces.

The red resin is also called Dragon’s Blood and is widely used as a dye, as a violin varnish, and as a popular remedy for many ailments.

6. Windswept Trees, New Zealand

The Windswept Trees are located in Slope Point, a region in the South Island of New Zealand. Like taken from a movie, these trees are famous because they grow with a certain angle of inclination. This is due to the strong winds that blow up from Antarctica that constantly beat them, twisting them in the direction the wind blows.

 5. Angel Oak, USA

This Oak is located in Angel Oak Park, South Carolina. It’s  famous because of its longevity, owing to it is estimated to be about 1500 years old. Therefore, it could be the oldest Oak in North America and perhaps in the whole world.

Furthermore, it is about 20 meters tall and its trunk measures about 8.5 m in circumference, covering a total area of 1580 square meters.

4. The Tule Tree, Mexico

The Tule tree is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is famous because it is the tree with the stoutest trunk and greater diameter in the entire world, with a measurement of around 42 meters. It also has a great height of approximately 40 meters and in its shadow could fit 500 people. Its age is unknown, but it is estimated that it could be from 1300 – 1600 years.

3. “The president” Tree, USA

“The President” is a giant sequoia located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California, USA.  This majestic tree is about 73 meters high and 28 meters in diameter. It is the third largest sequoia in the world, and also the oldest known with an age of 3200 years.

Curiously, he was named after President Warren G. Harding in 1923. Besides, a few years ago, National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols portrayed “The President” in a single image; in fact, it was necessary to take 126 different photographs and put them together in a collage.

 2. Baobabs, Madagascar

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a wonderful dirt road in Madagascar. There you will find a prominent group of imposing and stunning trees. Baobabs are around 800 years old and create an incredible passage that attracts travelers from all over the world.

In fact, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was inspired by these trees in his novel “The Little Prince” and used them as those who threatened to destroy the small planet that inhabited the character.

1. Methuselah tree, USA


This is one of the best kept secrets of science. Methuselah is the name given to the oldest tree in the world; it is about 4800 years old and is located in the Inyo National Forest in central California, United States. It is a specimen of Pinus longaeva. However, you will not be able to visit it because its exact location remains secret to protect it and avoid acts of vandalism.

The world’s second-largest known tree, the President, in Sequoia National Park is photographed by National Geographic magazine photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols for the December 2012 issue. The final photograph is a mosaic of 126 images.

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