Top 10 Richest People in Africa


Africa has produced many rich people over the years and continues to make more rich people. These people range from entrepreneurs to professional athletes, most from humble backgrounds. Although there are many billionaires, we’ll take a look at the top 10 richest.

10. Issad Rebrab- Net worth $3.1 Billion

Issad is a businessman and the founder of Cevital. It’s the largest private company in Algeria. This conglomerate has invested in sugar refineries, mining, agriculture and port terminals. He is the richest person in Algeria.




9. Isabel dos Santos- Net worth $3.3 BillionBilderesultat for isabel dos santos

She is Africa’s richest woman and daughter to Angola’s president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She has investments in Angola and also Portugal. Isabel has investments in mobile phone networks, oil and gas firms, And Portuguese Cable TVs.




8. Nathan Kirsh- Net worth $3.9 Billion

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Nathan made his first fortune in Swaziland by starting a corn milling business in 1958. He later expanded to distributing wholesale food in South Africa and also into property development and supermarkets.


7. Mohamed Mansour- Net worth $4 Billion

He oversees the Mansour Group which includes him and his brothers, namely Yasseen and Youssef. The group makes more money from outside the country, Egypt. The group also has more than $500 million in investments outside the country in places such as Dubai, Africa and America. Mohamed is also involved in real estate in Missouri, U.S.


6. Mike Adenuga- Net worth $4 Billion

He is the second richest man in Nigeria. He made his fortune by investing in oil and mobile telecom. He is the owner of Globacom, which is the second largest operator in Nigeria. He is also involved in real estate in Nigeria. Adenuga was a taxi driver in New York while he was studying at Pace University for his MBA.


5. Nassef Sawiris- Net worth $6.3 Billion

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Nassef is the richest man in Egypt. He is the owner of OCI, which produces nitrogen fertilizer and is one of the largest in the world. Nassef also owns 7% of adidas and 5% of cement producing company called LafargeHolcin.


4. Christoffel Wiese- Net worth $6.3 Billion

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He is the owner of a retail empire in South Africa. He also owns 15% of Shoprite Holdings, which has furniture stores, fast food stores and supermarkets across Africa.


3. Nicky Oppenheimer- Net worth $6.7 Billion

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Nicky sold 40% of DeBeers to Anglo American mining conglomerate for 5.1 billion dollars. Nicky was also in Anglo American board for 37 years and owns 1% of the company.


2. Johann Rupert- Net worth $7.4 Billion

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He is the chairman of a Swiss luxury goods firm called Compagnie Financiere Richemont. He also owns 7% of Remgro and 25% of Reinet. He owns part of Saracens English rugby team and Anthonij Rupert wines.


1 Aliko Dangote- Net worth $15.7 Billion

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He is Africa’s richest man and owns Dagonte cement which is Africa’s largest cement producer. Dagonte cement also has plants in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia. The Dagonte Group also has investments in sugar, salt and flour manufacturing companies.


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