Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish

The human knows only a small percentage of the oceans. But in addition to the famous shark, which we all know and have experienced some fear, in all the oceans and rivers of the world there are also truly dangerous fish; not only by their appearances or thorns but also by their aggressiveness and the poison they might have. Below we will see more in detail these top 10 of most dangerous fish for humans.

10. Fangtooth

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Fangtooth

This fish is also nicknamed as the Ogrefish. But the Fangtooth is not totally a dangerous fish; in fact, it is just its frightening aspect what makes it one of the most threatening fish of the Australian coasts. Its teeth are very long in proportion to its body, which usually has a maximum length of barely 17 centimeters. Another fact is that this creature is one of the living organisms that has been found to greater depths.

9. Gloper Eel

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Gloper Eel

Like the Ogrefish, this is not totally a dangerous fish; but due its aspect it’s part of this list of 10 most dangerous fish and also in the one of the 10 most horribles. However, it’s only a small predator of the depths that through its large jaws is able to eat species larger than its size.

 8. Spotfin lionfish (The most dangerous fish in Australia)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Lionfish

The lionfish is a very dangerous fish especially for divers. It’s found in the tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, especially in reefs, where it hides during the day and hunts during the night. It can reach 40 centimeters and weigh up to 1200 grams; but what makes it part of this list of 10 most dangerous fish is that it has a poison gland with a very toxic substance. Contact with a human can cause inflammation, redness, bleeding, muscle aches, cardiovascular problems and breathing problems. Thorns of this species can cause a pain that lasts a few days depending on the amount of poison received.

7. Blowfish

Top 10 Mot Dangerous Fish: Blowfish

A fish that cannot miss in the list of the 10 most dangerous fish: The popular blowfish. This fish has developed the ability to inflate to defend against predators, so it swims very slow and needs to consume a lot of food daily. It’s usually found in tropical and subtropical waters, but also in fresh and brackish waters; although today we are contributing to their disappearance, since the rivers where they live are increasingly contaminated and their food is becoming less and less. The blowfish also has thorns in its body to defend against other species, but that make it a dangerous fish for humans, because the thorns have a substance 1200 times more poisonous than cyanide, even capable of killing 30 people.

6. Viperfish

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Viperfish

The Viperfish usually lives at depths of up to 2000 meters and uses its bioluminescent organs to hunt preys when sunlight doesn’t penetrate the bottom of the sea. It is a dangerous fish, and has a fierce appearance because its lower jaw is endowed with sharp teeth like fangs. It measures about 35 centimeters and scientists have found that it currently occupies a quarter of the oceans.

5. Stonefish (The world’s most poisonous fish)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Stonefish

The stonefish couldn’t miss in this list of 10 most dangerous fish; although it’s a shy and little known fish, it could be even the world’s most poisonous one. He lives in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, and feeds on small fish and crustaceans. But the real danger with this fish is that direct contact with the spines of its fins can be deadly to humans because of the potent poison they contain; and when it camouflages it resembles a rock, making it almost unrecognizable and can be stepped on by accident.

4. Anglerfish

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Anglerfish

This dangerous fish besides being in these top 10 most dangerous fish should also be in the top 10 world’s ugliest animals. It lives in deep waters, especially in the depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. The main characteristic of this fish is his mode of predation, because it has a fleshy growth from his head that acts as a lure; and at the tip of this lure there is a luminous trap that it uses to attract preys and then devour them. Lastly, despite being small he has the ability to expand his jaw and stomach to eat even bigger animals than it.

3. Barracuda
Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Barracudas

Barracuda also belong to the genus of deep-sea carnivorous fish. The main characteristic of these dangerous fish is that they can attack their prey very quickly, as they can accelerate from 0 to 90 km/h by just moving their tail. However, although humans aren’t part of their dietary preferences, barracudas are very hostile and capable of attacking a person. Their length oscillates 45 cm and they’re found in tropical seas, especially in the Caribbean Sea.

2. Goliath tigerfish (The most dangerous fish in Africa)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Goliath Tigerfish

The Goliath tigerfish, as its nickname indicates, is a highly ferocious and fearsome fish. This is the largest member of the tigerfish family, a genus of extremely dangerous fish. In fact, it differs with the piranha in that it’s more muscular and its jaw resembles that of a crocodile. It can reach 75 kg in weight and measures about one and a half meters. Besides it’s native to the Congo River Basin, but can also be found in many African rivers such as Lualaba and Zambezi. However, it doesn’t lead these top 10 because unlike piranha, the Goliath tigerfish is in deep water and may be harder to find.

1. Piranha (The most dangerous fish in South America)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish: Piranha

Finally, this list of 10 most dangerous fish is led by Piranha. This fearsome and dangerous fish, native to South America, is known for its sharp teeth and powerful jaws. At present, there are between 40 and 60 species of piranhas, and all are about 25 cm in length. They inhabit in fresh water, especially in South American rivers, as the Amazon, Ecuador, Bolivia, The Orinoco, Venezuela and Colombia.  This fish has inspired tens of horror films around the world for the damage they could cause a human being; in fact, it would take around 300 piranhas to devour a human that weighs 80 kg in 5 minutes.

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