Top 10 Best Beaches In Asia

Enjoy the list of the top 10 best beaches in the entire Asia. Some of them have incredible crystal clear water, other’s egg-white sand – But one thing they all have in common is the amazing view.

10. Agonda beach, India

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

A perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming , relaxing and surfing with relatively few tourists. Agonda in India is a place where you can truely explore the incredible culture, food and architecture in India.

9. Yapak Beach, Phillipines

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

Yapak beach is located in Boracay in the Philippines. It is white sand lined with palm trees all over. The crystal clear water is just gorgeus for anyone that likes water wether its divers, snorklers, families or even sailors!


8. Sunrise Beach, Thailand

best beach in thailand, asia

A well known beach in Thailand. It streches out along the entire eastern side of Koh Lipe with incredibly sea temperature, view, corals and facilities.


7. Palolem Beach, India

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

Are you the type of person to enjoy a coconut cocktail while listening to the waves hitting the beach infront of you while nobody is around? This beach is one of the best beaches in asia and is suprisingly not visited by a lot of tourists. A lot of people simply don’t know about this gorgeus piece of beach.

6. Radhanagar Beach, India

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

Radhanagar beach located on the Havelock island is to be found on the western coast of India. A paradise island that not many islands are able to compete against. The radhanagar beach stretches around the entire island, a spectacular beach-walk.

5. Gili Meno Beach, Indonesia

incredible beaches in asia

Gili meno is the smallest island of the three Gili islands and has by far the most beautiful beach. The beach offers an incredible walk like you have never experienced before. While being able to spot rare animals that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, the water also offers a gorgeus view to a divers eye.

4. Koh Rong, Cambodia

best beaches in asia, top 10 list cambodia

The top 1 beach in the beautiful country, Cambodia. This beach is very old with an incredible history to it. The local people believed that the god’s son arrived walking upwards the beach due to the whiteness of it.

3. El Nido, Philippines

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

Rated that the number 1 beach in the philippines, this beach is not to disapoint you. The water is incredibly shallow from land, and you can practicly take amazinly long walks towards the sea. The sand streches so far that you don’t have to worry about stepping on a sharp stone either!

2. Tioman Island, Malaysia

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

A small Island that is purely surrounded by one big beach and a sea filled with gorgeus corals. The island includes a forest in the middle, exciting for travelers due to it’s incredible nature.

1.-Perhentian Island, Malaysia

best beaches in asia, top 10 list

On the east coast of Malaysia, you will find the Perhentian Island , known to be one of the most relaxing places on earth. The ultimate place to go barefoot while enjoying the local purumay cocktail and enjoying the beautiful sunset. A beach so white and long connected to an incredible clear water and fantastic sea life, making it the perfect place for a family, but also snorkling/diving enthusiasts. The best beach in Asia.



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