Most Expensive Jordans

Jordans, Air Jordan, Jordan sneakers, a loved baby goes by many names, but we all know what the talk is about, the shoes created by Nike ‘created’ and promoted by Michael Jordan himself. The extreme hype around these shoes probably explain the net worth of Michael Jordan, which is a whopping $2 billion fortune. In this list we are going to cover the most expensive jordans ever created. Most of you will unfortunately never own a pair of these yourself, but at least you can enjoy the incredible photos of them and some additional fun facts!

10. Air Jordan 1s : $6.500

most expensive jordans 1

From just a quick glance I’m sure you can figure that what you are looking at, is a pair of expensive shoes. That is correct, these Jordans are covered with over 15 000 gold crystals. The shoes are created by Daniel Jacobs who redisgned a pair of Jordans from 1985, by adding some extra luxury metal. Just appreciate the video below showing the lucrative opening of the box, revealing these incredibly expensive Jordans!


9. Air Jordan V Original: $6.500

most expensive jordans Air Jordan V (SE)

Not quite as expensive you would think, considering there is not a gram of expensive metal on this shoe, well that would be a very incorrect thought, as these pair of Jordans are actually almost twice as expensive as the 15 000 Gold Crystal One. These pair of shoes ought to be respected by ANY Jordan fans, as what you are currently looking at, is the father, the original, the big papa,- of the Jordan V-line, which holds over 100 different variations. Michael Jordan, the fighter he is, designed these shoes (apparently) by the thoughts of WWII. We would love to take give you further facts about these amazing sneakers, but we have many more to cover! Lets walk down to number 7 on the list…


7. Air Jordan 10 OVO: $10.000

most expensive Jordans: Air Jordan 10 OVO

Black, mean, and dangerous pair of shoes, whoever wears these, are said to be given the strength of a Panther. You think that’s the only reason why these are 20.000? Keep reading. These Jordans are an extremely rare edition who were created for the purpose as a gift to Drake himself. It was carefully designed to better bond and strengthen Jordan’s business with Drake’s, no wonder why these shoes are of such quality and composition then. Somehow, a fan ended up with these Jordans himself, whether he stole them, or if he got randomly given them, remains a mystery, he decided however to immediately put them up on Ebay. They quickly sold for $20.000, making them one of the most expensive Jordans in the world.


6. Air Jordan 11:  $21,800

Picture of Air Jordan 11 (Blackout)

Coming up next, is the Air Jordan 11, one of the most popular pair of sneakers by basketball-fans. The reason are that the shoes are carefully designed both to be steady and light, and at the same time give support for speed and high jumps when playing basketball. Michael Jordan has himself stated that these pair are one of his favourites and wore them during an NBA championship. That probably explains the expensive pricetag… Stay tuned, as the next pair of Jordans on this list will absolutely blow your mind…


5. Jordan Edition One Autographed: $25.000

very expensive sneakers shoes by Michael Jordan

There are not many Jordans of the original first edition and the price for a regular pair of these shoes will cost you a cool grand ($1.000), but a signatured one will cost you FAR MORE. If you are willing to get a hand of a pair of Jordans signed by Michael Jordan himself, in combination of a limited edition, you have two options: 1. Try to get a reach of MJ, then ask him or 2. Pay a whopping $25.000! The choice is yours, now moving on to number 4….


4. Air Jordan 2 OG:  $31.000

Air Jordan 2 OG Number 3 expensive list

These pair of Jordans probably have the most mysterious history of them all and many conspiracy theories have been created as a result. Let me explain. The Air Jordan 2 were released by Nike in the 80s and were not particularly popular at the time. It wasn’t until the designer Bruce Kilgore created his own design in relation to these pair of shoes, without being officially backed up by Nike, so that nobody could confirm the originality, or even quality of these Jordans. Despite this, the pair went for an extreme price on Ebay for $31.000. It is said that the reason for this high price is the incredible difficulty of recreating this brand and would be too expensive for Nike to reproduce. If you get hold on these pair of Jordans, you will not find many people wearing similar shoes to yours.

Enough with the ‘cheap’ stuff, time to look into some real expensive shoes…


 3. Air Jordan Silver (Autographed): $60,000

the incredible Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Want to stand out with your shoes? Here’s how you stand out, you wear these extremely rare Air Jordan Silver edition and throw on a cool Michael Jordan signature while you’re at it. These pair of shoes were given to Michael Jordan from his wife for his 32nd birthday, during the wedding, she had made a small ceremony in order to present these high quality silver platted shoes. They are of a fine carbonated silver material, making the shoes able to stand almost any present heat, sporting event, or relaxation at home. Only 10 of these shoes exist today, which probably explains the extreme price tag for these signed shoes.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO: $100.000

Second most expensive pair of Jordans:  Air Jordan 12 OVO

Ok, ok  enough  messing around, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Remember the Air Jordan 10 OVO from earlier? The gift to Drake? If not, scroll up now! When you’ve done that, I want you to forget about it, immideately! Because these shoes right here ladies and gentlemen, are worth 3 times what an average person makes in the USA in a year. The Air Jordan 12 OVO are neither signed, or stamped, but features a gold plated metal on the sides, as well as on the top eyelets. They are said to be the only of its kind… In the world.


1. Air Jordan 12 ‘Flu Game’ : $300.000

The most expensive Jordans are the Air Jordan 12, 'Flu Game' $300.000

Now for the most expensive Jordans in the world… These pair have the nickname of ‘the flu game sneakers’, as Michael Jordan played for the Chicaco bulls in the 1997 NBA finals, despite the fact that he had the flu, he managed to score 15 points, leading his team to victory against the Utah Jazz. The Air Jordan 12 are the shoes he wore. Retros of his shoes have been sold for a whopping $104.000, but it is said that people have offered him $300.000 for his originals, which he will probably not sell any time soon considering the incredible history behind them.

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