6 Best Arctic Travel Destinations

Here we have it, a list of the most beautiful, historical and remarkeable arctic/polar destionations you should travel to. People are often too scared to even think about taking a visit to these desolated places on earth. Is it the cold that scares you? , the wolves, polar bears maybe? But let me tell you right now, you are missing out ! The places i’m about to show you has some of the highest after-visited-reviews in the world. Meaning nobody regrets going to any of these places.  Don’t let the cold scare you, dress well – And you will be rewarded by the ice queen herself !

1. Longyarbyen , Svalbard – Norway

Longyarbyen - an incredible arctic place with polar envirnoment

Longyarbyen is located on an Island with more polar bears than people. Infact, on this Island the chance of seeing a polar bear is bigger than anyother place in the world. Longyarbyen is however (usually) safe for polar bears as it’s shielded off by mountains. If you decide to leave Longyarbyen, it’s actually mandatory that you have a guide with you that carry a rifle.  Longyarbyen is an old coal mine city with an incredible history. From this city you will be able to visit multiple attractions such as snow mobile riding, dog sled and ice caves made by water under ice glacors. And one more fun fact : The world famous seed bank is also located here. This city is by far one of the best arctic travel destinations in the world.


2. Glacier Park, Alaska – USA

Nothing is as arctic as the glaciers of alaska

This is certainlly an arctic destination that would give any polar interested person goose bumps. This incredible national park was put on the UNESCO World Heritage site already in 1979 and is now a highly protected area. So what’s so special about this area? If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit this park, you will be able to see what arctic environment really is. The Glacier Park has an eco system quite like no other places. Lot’s of rare arctic animal and vegetation is to be found here.  The easiest way to visit this amazing place is by using a cruise ship, giving you an incredible view of the glacors.

3. The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Best arctic places in the world

The Blue lagoon is an outdoor natural made lake that you can bath in. But how is this possible in an artctic environment? The water from the lake is being naturally heated from underneath by lava. Iceland was actually made by a volcano long time ago and still has live volcanos that they use for electricity and to warm houses. The experience from this lagoon is quite remarkeable. Imagine it being -20 degrees outside, you strip to your swimming wear and jump into the deliciously warm water of 30 degrees. You simply do not want to get up! Another fun fact : The water is supposed to have a very high healing effect as it’s rich in rare minerals like silica and sulfur. The only arctic travel destination the offers an actual spa!

4. Antarctica

Best arctic places in the world you must travel to

Antarctica is a huge place, so it’s kinda like just saying “planet earth” right? BUT people don’t realise the traveling opportunities that has evolved the last few years. You can do helicopter sighsteeing, go there by a cruise ship or take a plane.  Antarctica is the mother of all polar places in the world and everyone that has been there says the same thing “an incredible experience”. This travel destination is far from just ice, unless you want to get dropped off in the middle of Antarctica. Visit it from the coast, dance with penguins , take a polar boat through the narrow authentic natural formed rivers with huge ice mountains on the side.

5. Þingvellir Nationalpark – Iceland

Best arctic places in the world must travel

About 40 km north of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik –  you will find a park in a rift valley and is actually the very boundary of the North American tectonic plate and the Euroasian. Here you will be able to cross a tectonic plate just by a simple step.  But hold on, that’s just some fun fact.. Þingvellir National park has quite some spectacular natural phenomenas in the area and as a result of this, the place has been designated as a World Heritage Site. This national park is notable for highly unusual tectonic and volcanic action. It’s also is a place where tourists often experience slight earthquakes.

6. Valdez, Alaska – USA

 Valdez , alaska

Valdez is a city located on the south of Alaska and offers multiple reasons you should travel there. First of all, it has the Worthington Glacier, a natural wonder of Alaska with incredibly blue ice – perfect to walk on top of. Secondly the Keystone Canyon, a place with spectacular waterfalls and nature life. Thirdly – the overall nature on Valdez is so worth travelling to, but it’s just too much to be able to spot… Unless you take a helicopter! On Valdez you can actually take affordable helicopter trips – giving you the opportunity to see this incredible landscape of glacors, waters and mountains! Some tourists have even spotted polarbears from their comfortable helicopter seats.


Now if you promise me to pay one of these arctic places a visit, here’s your reward: Top 10 Beaches In Asia  😉

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