8 Must Travel Destinations In Amsterdam


These must travel to destinations in Amsterdam, are certainly some places you do not want to miss. From spectacular architecture to historical culture going as long back as the 1600’s. See how a family had to hide from the Nazis during World War 2.

All these destinations make Amsterdam a highly recommended city for all tourists and explorers.

1. The Old City center

must visit / travel in amsterdam 2017

Visit the city center of Amsterdam, it’s one of the largest historical city centers of Europe.¬†Every single stone, corner, building has its own story, waiting to be seen by you.


2. Red Light District

must visit / travel in amsterdam 2017

Amsterdam is world famous for its known red lights district. It’s one of the world’s first red light districts and is popular even for tourists not looking for the full deal. Warning : Do not take pictures!



3. Amsterdam’s coffee shops

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I mind you, this is not a regular coffee shop for tourists. It’s actually a fully legel place where you can buy drugs over the counter. Currently it can only say “coffee shop” above the door, if drugs are for sale.


4. Canal Cruise

2 must visit / travel in amsterdam 2017

You may have seen this place on postcards as the canals of Amsterdam is quite famous with a big history. The canal is even placed on the UNESCO protection list. Floating along in the canal by boat can be done both at night and daytime – both giving a different experience. You can choose a guided tour learning about the “dancing houses” along the way, or a romantic candlelit night cruise.


5. The Anne Frank’s house

must visit / travel in amsterdam-2017

Here you can learn about a family that had to hide from the Nazis during World War 2.  For two years the family was stuck, and would only have one person leave at a time to buy food. You get to see pretty much exactly how they lived. I mind you, the place is a very popular travel destination for tourists and queues may be long.


must visit / travel in amsterdam-2017

A quite incredible building everyone should travel to while in Amsterdam. It’s one of the world’s greatest science center that will keep anyone entertained for hours.



7. Van Gogh Museum

must visit / travel in amsterdam-2017 van gogh museum

If you’re a true traveller that likes to both explore and learn at the same time, what better thing to do than visit a world famous museum. The Van Gogh museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. It’s highly recommended to book your ticket online on busy days.

8. Eye Film Institute

must visit / travel in amsterdam-2017 eye film institute

A certainly spectacular building that not just tourists fancy. This structure is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic landmarks since the opening in 2012. Here you can watch films, learn about films and buy films.


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