World’s Most Expensive Cars 2016 | Top 10

What better way of showing off your money than by buying an expensive car. These are the top 10 most expensive cars you can use on the streets. Some of them are extremely fast, other’s have extremely cool functions all around, but one thing they have in common, is the stunning design that would make anyone gasp if they went driving by. Let’s count it down!

10. Hennesey Venom GT

World's most expensive cars 2017

Argueably the world’s fastest car, and it can be yours for the price of 1.1 million dollars.  It set the guinness world record for the fastest production car from 0-300 km/h (1-186mph). It’s not only one of the world’s most expensive cars because it’s fast. If you divide this unique car into pieces, you’ll have some extremely expensive and detailed components from the Lotus Exige, that includes the roof, doors, side glass floorpan and windscreen. Not only is it built for speed with as much carbon fiber built in the car as possible, but it’s also really well designed. Get hold one one of these and i can guarantee you people will stare.

Price :$ 1.1 Million


9. Zenvo St1

World's most expensive car top 10 2016

The so called “supercar” is produced by a Danish company called Zenvo.  This monster is the closest it can get to being “handmade” as an entire team of people is gathered together on the mission of putting the incredible pieces together. But why is it so expensive then? Well, let me tell you about the specs of the Zenvo St1. It’s both turbocharged and supercharged with the 6.8 litre V8 engine and it generates 823 KW at 6,900 rpm.  If you like acelleration, this car goes from 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.


price :$ 1.2 Million


8. LaFerrari

2016 La ferrari expensive car

A very limited edition hyper sportscar build. It’s the companys first hybridcar and has only been produced in 499 copies. What’s incridlbe, is the high performance motor that absorbs the energy when braking and uses that energy for heat and light. Unlike other cars that drop in price when being bought and used,  buying this car may actually be an investment because of the extremely limited edition with very few units made.


Price: $ 1.5 Million


7. Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4

Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4

What could Lamborghini better have done to tribute the founder of the company, that would have turned 100 years old, than creating this car. The material is mostly carbon fiber which makes the car both super light compared to it’s size, gives the car a really agressive dark colour. Let’s not forget about the aerodynamic bumper fins, wheel blades, hood vents and extremely powerful rear haunches.  Lamborghini claims that this car is twice as efficient as the well known super car Aventador.

Price:$ 1.8 Million


6. Koenigsegg One: 1

for Koenigsegg One: 1 expensive car

It was produced by a Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg for the first time at the March 2014 Geneva motorshow. Some of the humble specifications are 5.0 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine. The acelleration time for this incredibly expensive car is 0-100 km / hour ( 0-62mph) in less than 3 seconds. The design is of course made by carbon fiber with leightweight reinforcments. The chassis is made with the perfect combination of carbon fiber and aluminium honeycomb, giving the car a good light weight, important safety and amazing look.

Price : $2 Million

Halfway into the world’s most expensive cars and the price has reached $2M dollars already. But just wait, things are getting serious now.


5. Laferrari FXX K

World's most expensive car: laferrari FXX K

Ok, now things are getting real expensive on this list. The reason that this car is one of the world’s most expensive, is simply this. There has only been made 32 of these! That’s what i call a limited edition. Car collectors all over the world are trying to get hold of this car and is willing to pay as much as 3 times the original price. So what can it do? Aside from the fact that it is the only Ferrari car in the history that can do over 1.000bhp (750 kwh). The motor is a V12 which is quite stunning.. But what it’s really known for is the incredible down-force it has which allows the car to be super light, super fast and still won’t fly off the road. This car is BARELY legal to use on the streets.

Price: $ 2.7 Million



4. Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari F60 America


Built to celebrate ferrari 60 years in America, this is probably the most ambitious and daring road monster. Efficiently the open-top version of the incredible F12 Ferrari and is an extreme wakeup call to all the other car producers out there. Did i mention the 8700rpm, 6.3 flirting V12 and that it carries 730 horsepower? Oh i didn’t? What about the top speed of the incredibly 320 kmh (200 mph)… If you’ve ever wanted to try wingsuit by using a car, this car doesn’t only go faster than basejumping with wingssuits, but you can also get the ultimate experience by pressing a button and have the roof gone while you drive.

Price: $ 3.2 Million


3. Bugatti Veyron  Mansory Vivere Edition

Super glorious expensive car Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere Edition

The standard Bugatti was awarded “Car of the decade” (2000-2009)  by the BBC television programme Top Gear.  And that was the standard version of the car… What i’m showing you here is the Mansory Vivere Edition. Remember the Hennesey Venom GT that i mentioned as “argueably world’s fastest car”? Well this is the car you would argue with. The bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere can reach a top speed of an amazing 407 km/h (253mph). It is so fast that it’s barely allowed on the streets. (And that’s only if you never go above 1/4th of the top speed).

Price : $ 3.4 Million


2. Lykan Hypersport

Images for Lykan Hypersport

The best comparison to the batman-mobile. Not only does it look like it, but it’s also just as fast. The only difference is, this one is real. It’s the second world’s most expensive car mostly because of it’s speed, incredibly look but ALSO because of some special features. It has real authentic diamonds in the headlights, the frontlights are made of titanium. You can also customize the lights with your own preference of jewelry.


1.Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero

Top 10 world's most expensive car Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero

And here we have it, the world’s most expensive car BY FAR, infact, it’s so expensive that you could afford to buy first mentioned 5 cars in the list with this kind of money.  There is only one of this car and it was bought by  the rapper Birdman in 2011. It was built in 2004 and looks like no other sportscar. It has a twin turbo v12 engine. The car was created as the modern model of a legendary stramlined sportscar from the 1930’s called Maybach Motorenbau.


Price: $ 8 Million.


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